Auto iCare Logo Design, Video By

Auto iCare Logo Design, Video

Auto iCare is an iOS/iPad application that digitizes and streamlines the automobile check-in process at dealership service centers. The application makes quick intake and upselling easy and stores all information in a central database. Auto iCare includes innovative features, such as the ability to take photographs of vehicle damage with the iPad's camera.

The application's developers sought out DeanMark to create a brand identity via a logo design. As a part of the trademark, DeanMark came up with a catchy marketing slogan, "Fine tuning the service experience." Also, DeanMark produced a 1-minute video spot that introduces the application and some of its features. We used some vintage stock footage and some very slick modern-day motion graphics in this one. Check out the video advertisement above!

Auto iCare should be available soon. Be sure to visit the Auto iCare website for more information and updates.


Estimated Budget: $2500 - $5000

Engagement Duration: 3 - 5 Weeks