Google Drive vs. Dropbox
5 Ways Your Business Might Benefit From Cloud Collaboration With Google Apps

Google Drive vs. Dropbox

The cloud storage wars have begun. With the relatively recent unveiling of the online file sharing project, known as Drive, Google has produced another great product. Google continues to innovate in the world of technology. Consider the following list of five considerations when deciding whether to use Google Drive or Dropbox.

1. Storage capacity

The default storage capacity for Dropbox is 2 gigabytes while Google Drive is 5 gigabytes. With Dropbox, this limit applies to all files. The Google Drive storage includes data synced to the cloud and between computers, but doesn’t include Gmail mail messages or Picasa images.

2. Google Drive is fully integrated with Google Apps

Google does a great job of integrating all of their applications. In a Dropbox vs. Google Drive comparison, as far as integration with other services, there is not much of a contest. The integration of all Google applications makes sharing data between them easy and effective.

3. Google Docs

This application is one of the first to really push the cloud-based collaboration envelope. Google Docs is fully integrated in to Google’s Drive service, creating an environment that is convenient and easy to use. Google Docs is a full-feature word processor, spreadsheet editor, and presentation editor that can be used from any modern web browser. Drive syncs all changes easily with everyone that has access to the document.

4. Gmail

Any supported file sent through Gmail can immediately be accessed with Drive, including word processing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, PDFs, and even archived ZIP files. This is a convenient way to help team members quickly view and provide feedback on files as they work together.

5. Integration with Android-based mobile devices

The rapid rise of Android based cell phones and tablets have made Google a player in the mobile market. Google Drive, like the other services in the Google Apps suite, is native to the operating system on Android devices. Dropbox also offers an application for the Android operating system.

This list is not exhaustive, and should serve only as a starting point in your research. DeanMark is an Authorized Reseller of Google Apps fo Business. If you would like our professional opinion as it relates to your unique situation, please contact us.