What Is Google AdWords For Video?
Get your products and services in front of the YouTube audience.

What Is Google AdWords For Video?

Google AdWords for Video allows businesses to display video ads with YouTube content. Traditional online marketing relies more on text and picture-based ads. AdWords has changed throughout its lifetime to allow different kinds of content, and video is one of the newest.

Increases in mobile Internet usage are one of several recent factors which have resulted in increased Internet video viewership, and online TV is on the path to soon take over cable and satellite television. YouTube is the leader in this online trend, and Google AdWords opens YouTube's advertising platform to anyone interested in Internet advertising.

You can rely on a trusted Philadelphia advertising agency to set up your ads on Google AdWords for Video. Google has a variety of options available for online marketing with AdWords for Video. They offer for video what is essentially a pay-per-click ad model - users can choose to watch your video, and you only pay for every time someone actually watches. This ensures that you only pay to market to interested consumers, getting the most out of your Internet advertising budget.

AdWords lets you set your own budget, and doesn't require a minimum spending amount. You also get to choose how much to pay for each video impression. Where higher paying clients have bid for a placement their video is shown, but when there's no other bids your video gets shown, no matter how low the cost.

Our Philadelphia advertising agency uses AdWords for Video to find interested clients for your business. Millions of people use YouTube, and it doesn't have to be expensive to advertise on the world's largest video platform. With AdWords for video, your business's video ads can be displayed with related Internet videos on YouTube.