PPC Advertising On Google AdWords vs. Bing Ads
One, the other, both? How to decide.

PPC Advertising On Google AdWords vs. Bing Ads

Businesses rely on PPC firms and PPC companies to bring traffic to their websites. If you're a business owner, you need to know that not all PPC firms are necessarily alike. Some may specialize in Bing Ads while others only rely on Google AdWords. As you evaluate PPC companies for yourself, keep the differences between the two pay-per-click advertising platforms in mind. Then, you can discern which of the PPC firms offer the most useful services.

Product Listings

E-commerce stores, booksellers, and product distributors need to consider how the two ad networks promote products. If products represent the bulk of your online offerings, take into consideration that Google Adwords can give you sizable boost in online traffic. Bing, on the other hand, may increase your product list exposure by significantly less. If you're using online ads to promote a service, Bing ad specials and PPC offers may not match up to the initial burst of exposure you will get on Google.

Remarketing Reach

Remarketing enables you to reach a wider audience than you normally would. If your company has a lot of videos on YouTube, you may want to stick with PPC companies that offer strong Google AdWords support. Your YouTube channel can be linked to an AdWords account so that viewers who interact with your videos are also exposed to the AdWords campaign you're running. This remarketing reach allows your AdWords campaigns to appear on YouTube videos. The benefit of remarketing is increasing brand recognition. If you don't rely on YouTube for video marketing, then Bing Ads is a logical alternative.

Content Network Size

Content network size is an important pay-per-click marketing factor. Google's contextual content reach is greater than Bing's. Google AdWords has more websites that allow contextual advertising, which means that you'll have a greater opportunity to get your ads viewed on Google's ad network. However this high level of visibility doesn't come without drawbacks. You may find that ad placement costs vary accordingly. Prices may vary so if you're on a tight budget, ask for a comparison between Google and Bing advertising rates.

Search Advertising

Bing and Google both offer search advertising, which tends to be more effective than contextual advertising, so don't let Bing Ads shortage on contextual ad opportunities sway you against using the Bing advertising platform. Web surfers who are searching for specific queries online are more likely to click on ads that come up during a browser search.