Google AdWords Advertising
How To Use Google AdWords CPC and CPM Advertising To Increase Sales Revenue

Google AdWords Advertising

Google AdWords advertising is a brilliant advertising and sales strategy designed around the Google search engine. It is the fuel that drives the engine of their business. Most consumers understand Google to be the premier search engine. In fact, the act of performing a web search has become known as "Googling." DeanMark employees AdWords specialists who are certified by Google.

But from where do the funds for this terrific "free" service come? The general answer is that it comes from advertising revenue, but the more detailed and interesting answer is that it comes from the Google company's invention of Google AdWords advertising.

The barrier that Google solved with AdWords was the distribution of advertising. Two common methods of ad placement included putting ads on the main Google search page, and returning results that either included ads in the margins, or contained commercial companies pertaining to the keywords of the search.

The effectiveness of these ads was diminished by the fact that the search pages were a means to an end for the users and the ads tended to be tuned-out visually by the users. The real destination of the users was not the search engine pages but the actual target pages containing the information for which they were searching. The problem was that Google has no direct control of what these content providers put onto their page.

Google AdWords advertising gave incentives to web designers to include particular ads for Google clients. For instance, a commercial dating web site could submit their name as an AdWords client to Google. Then, when the webmaster of a free dating website searched the AdWords service, he would find that commercial client as well as any others that were associated with his keywords. He then had the option to include AdWords ads which linked back to the web design client's website.

The free site would then get a small amount of money, perhaps a cent, for each browser user that visited his webpage with the AdWords ad. The free site would get a slightly higher amount, perhaps three cents, if the user actually clicked the link. Although the individual amounts were small, the aggregated amounts could be significant.

Using this method, a true life data site garnered millions annually through AdWords linking to a complementary commercial dating site. The entire setup revolved around the infrastructure setup by Google, which provided motivation for sites to display client ads, and gave Google the structure to track results and report traffic to the client.

As an client of DeanMark, Google AdWords advertising could be a lucrative marketing strategy for you. You can take advantage of the Google browser penetration and their client-matching engine to provide likely target sites for your advertisements. This has turned out to be a cost-effective and successful strategy for many companies. Contact us today to learn how Google AdWords can drive new business for you. We can create and manage your campaigns at an affordable rate.