Google Apps For Business
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Google Apps For Business

Google Apps for Business is an software as a service (SaaS) infrastructure solution that provides companies of any size with a standard, straight-forward way to provide IT (information technology) utilities for their employees. DeanMark is a Google Apps Authorized Reseller based in Philadelphia. DeanMark serves clients with implementation and deployment services nationwide and beyond.

In the earlier days of IT employee support, the most powerful utility that a company could provide for its workers was a reliable and handy form of distribution for email. Leaving behind the memo system, employees could trade information from their work areas to anyone on the globe, almost instantaneously.

Other important aspects of e-Business were a little more difficult to implement. Companies realized that they could get huge benefits by computerizing other business processes like document sharing and video conferencing, but found it took a huge IT investment.

This is one of the first areas that Google Apps For Business addresses: the ability to standardize and implement these services. Perhaps most importantly, it significantly reduces the amount of IT resources a company needs to expend in order to get these services, and allows the company to focus its resources on its core technology and products instead.

Google Apps For Business has knocked down many of the barriers that companies have faced in the past with implementing advanced business services. One of the most time-intensive activities was product deployment and upgrades. When a company for example decided to use a new standard presentation server, they would need to start by performing company-wide installations of the software package. As upgrades to the package were released, the IT department needed to deal with that as well.

In contrast, the Google Apps reside online, and Google uses cloud technology to virtualize the servers for applications, freeing companies from the responsibility of deploying the applications themselves to individual desktop computers. Companies using Google Apps save money on hardware, electricity, and in-house IT employees.

Device compatibility for applications is another problem that Google has solved. In the past, companies struggled to make their applications compatible with all of the devices that an employee must use, including laptops, mobile smartphones, and iPads. All of the interfaces for these devices have been implemented by Google, and anyone plugging into the Google Apps For Business infrastructure already has each of those interfaces in place.

Of course, one of the biggest concerns of companies and IT departments everywhere is security. Data must be protected from competitors and malicious software at all costs. The security systems are also maintained by Google. No longer does a company's IT department have to struggle through several 24-hour days to eradicate a computer virus. Google deals with these security issues and handles all these problems internally.

For these and other reasons, a company wishing to implement the latest business software while maintaining focus on their core competencies should consider Google Apps For Business. To learn more about Google Apps in Philadelphia or elsewhere, or to discuss a solution or implementation in the Greater Philadelphia Region or beyond, please contact us today!