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The Importance Of A Quality Mark In Creating A Brand Identity

Logo Design & Branding

The most successful companies put a lot of effort into the logo design and branding of their products. In fact, the main marketing team member or sales representative for a product or group of products is known as a “brand manager.” This person holds what is generally regarded as one of the most powerful positions in the company. The brand manager often reports directly to the CEO.

An important point for any company is that proper logo design and branding takes advantage of a consumer phenomenon called “product familiarity.” DeanMark is a creative agency that combines artistic excellence with marketing expertise to provide valuable graphic design solutions.

Most marketing professionals agree that consumers make their purchase decisions largely based on emotion. For instance, consider the question of whether you prefer chocolate or vanilla ice cream. Whatever choice you make, why did you make that choice? Most people will say that their choice is “better.” Although they hopefully won’t say so out loud, a part of each person actually feels that their choice is the superior choice, not only for them but for all rational adults.

But if asked for reasons — one choice is healthier than the other, one makes the consumer have better-looking children, one contributes more to world peace — each person is hard-pressed to specify a particular reason. Some self-aware people may say that their favorite flavor happens to be their favorite color, may be the last flavor a deceased parent shared with them, or may be the preferred flavor of their favorite actor. Studies show that emotion rather than intellect is the basis for most decisions, although people are generally unaware of this fact.

One study that attempted to parameterize this phenomenon compared two major cola brands. Statistically, the majority of consumers in any test always chose Brand A, but independent tests showed that Brand B actually tasted better. In other words, consumers chose Brand A even though Brand B was “better.”

The difference between the two brands was advertising. Brand A was advertised much more heavilty than Brand B. In other words, consumers preferred Brand A because the company that manufactured Brand A told them so. Another way to look at this is that superior logo design and branding produced superior sales results.

Companies can take advantage of this consumer behavior toward logo design and branding by allowing a firm like DeanMark to design or redesign their logo. For most products, consumers don’t take the time to carefully research the pros and cons of each product and make comparisons to all the available competitors.

For an inexpensive, commodity product, most consumers will make a brand decision based on the first few seconds of their initial impression. Often this is determined by the logo. A smart company will invest significant time to carefully craft this logo to create the right first impression and maximize their sales. Contact DeanMark today to have a logo designed or modified.