Online Video Marketing
Take Advantage Of The Allure Of Professionally Produced & Edited Video

Online Video Marketing

Online video marketing has proven to be more powerful and effective than anyone ever imagined. Particularly in the highly-desired demographics of tween and young adult consumers, videos have provided the all-important hook that advertisers have always desired for their products. When appropriate for the product, video marketing can be one of the most effective ways to attract potential buyers and land the sale. DeanMark employs a full-service, script-to-screen video production team that uses the latest technology and equipment.

The allure of online video marketing has been indicated for many years by the attraction of public video sharing websites. Many could not imagine that anyone would be interested in spending time watching other people’s home movies. Surprisingly, this is exactly what happened. People would film their pets doing inane stunts or pratfalls of their favorite relatives and the result would occasionally become "viral,” bringing millions of unsolicited hits to their web pages. It did not take long for the commercial world to catch the trend, and video sites began to feature movie trailers, blogs from famous actors, and music videos, professional or otherwise.

Today companies can realize an effective marketing advantage by taking advantage of online video marketing either on their own websites or on public video distribution sites. Like any advertising content, the subject matter should be compelling and interesting. This gives many possibilities to those companies that use online video marketing to increase product sales.

Some examples of effective video marketing include the computer company that showed reviews of their products given in video format. They understood that a potential customer’s first desire was to get his hands on a sample of their laptops and work with it, but in lieu of that opportunity, they were happy to watch a video showing a user like themselves trying out the different features of the laptop. This turned out to be much more effective and engaging than showing product still shots, presentation slides, or feature blurbs.

Other companies provided utility through their videos, attracting customers through their service and increasing the good will of the customers to the company. One clever company, which sold replacement parts for do-it-yourself repair of washers and dryers, realized a huge increase in website traffic and subsequent sales by including installation videos for their parts. Previously, they had given extensive written instructions with diagrams, but found that visitors to their websites found that information insufficient to make them feel comfortable doing their own repairs. Many ended up hiring a professional repairman instead. With their video instructions, customers could visual themselves performing the repairs, and they got the confidence they needed to bypass the professional repairmen and purchase parts from the website so they could do it themselves.

Providing entertainment or utility to potential customers has made video marketing an effective advertising strategy for many companies. If you would like to harness the power of video and realize a great return on investment (ROI), please contact DeanMark today for a free consultation or to obtain a quote.