Professional Web Design
If You're Serious About Your Business, Leave It To The Professionals!

Professional Web Design

Professional web design can be one of the most important investments a company can make. Premier companies like DeanMark take their years of experience working with a range of clients to produce some of the most attractive and effective websites available. We will also be able to factor in the features of the internet to help maximize traffic, optimize position in search engines, and provide tracking reports for effective marketing management.

Professional web design is sometimes bypassed by inexperienced or underfunded company owners. It is one of those skills for which many feel they have a talent, despite not having any training or expertise.

Particularly when company budgets are tight, a company manager may reason that they would best spend their money by investing in top-notch product design and skimping on the web marketing. After all, they reason, anybody can take pictures of the product, write a little something, and then throw it up on the web. That kind of thinking is a serious marketing error.

Although these days almost anyone can publish on a website, a good rule of thumb may be that perhaps this doesn’t mean that everyone should publish. Some of the “beginner errors” for websites include dubious photos and amateur copy. Some merchants include pictures of their children lovingly cuddling the product.

Others attempt to add interest to their copy by alternating the colors of the rainbow throughout their fonts, or by choosing fonts that use heavy calligraphy or comic-style lettering. Some of the copy might contain unadvised posturing like commands to “Buy My Product Now!” Some even misspell words or use improper grammar on purpose in order to gain sympathy from a customer on the order of “look, I’m an ordinary guy like you."

Even without these rookie mistakes, that last 10% of polish that experts would have given to a website leave it giving the impression to the customer of “Amateur!” This can actually have a negative advertising effect on the customer. For instance, would you buy medicine from a website that misspelled words on purpose? Professional web design and web hosting gives customers the impression that the company is capable and professional. For many customers, it actually makes more of an impression and is more likely to lead to sales than actual information on the product itself.

Professional web design is also essential to take advantage of all of the other aspects of the Internet. For instance, when someone is searching a browser for your product, will you be listed among the first entries in the browser? If not, you will get significantly less traffic than the leaders. Moving your search result higher in the browser is part of the expertise of a professional. DeanMark's web development services include search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM).

For these and other reasons, leaving your web design to the professionals is often the most effective use of your company budget. Contact DeanMark today to learn about how your company can benefit from web development or a website redesign.