The SHRM Twilight TweetUP
The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)'s annual summit in downtown Washington D.C.

The SHRM Twilight TweetUP

This past December, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) had its annual summit in downtown Washington D.C at the Marriott Hotel. This year's theme was social networking. A series of events introduced members to the many advantages of the growing phenomenon.

To finish off the summit, SHRM invited all the attendees to a "Twilight TweetUp." The event was part after-party, part Social Networking 101, and included funky music, an IPad give-away, and tons of tweeting. DeanMark cinematographer Wildersee Harris was present to create a video record of all the festivities.

"I needed a kit small enough to allow me to be mobile and maneuver through a crowed room of people. Thus, I used the Canon EOS 7D and the Canon EF 35mm prime lens. In the dimly-lit party hall, I raised the 7D's ISO to 3200, which allowed me to capture properly exposed video with negligible image quality loss. I opened the iris of the 35mm prime lens to f/2.0, which created a shallow depth of field and some really beautiful shots."

SHRM will use the final product to 1.) allow attendees to relive the fun times and 2.) to attract a larger crowd for their future events. Please follow DeanMark on Twitter for useful news and updates.