Ramzy & The Brothers Handsome
Ramzy & The Brothers Handsome is a band from Washington D.C.

Ramzy & The Brothers Handsome

The legendary Twins Jazz Lounge, located in the heart of downtown Washington D.C., was the venue for an intimate set by the up-and-coming music trio, Ramzy & The Brothers Handsome.

The band played for a little over three hours, while patrons relaxed and enjoyed the music, a few drinks, and the company of friends. DeanMark cinematographer Wildersee Harris was on location, compiling footage for a video tour package with which the band will market themselves to venues across the country.

"I made a strategic decision to pack lightly. In this case, I took just the trusty Canon EOS 7D, a Canon EF 35mm lens, and a backup camera. The light rig gave me maximum mobility, which allowed me to move freely around the band as they performed. The sound picked up by the 7D's internal microphone allowed me to get plenty of reference audio for mixing in post production. The EF 35mm prime lens was key in such a dimly-lit lounge; I opened up the iris to f/2.0 in order to accommodate."

Look out for the finished product "Ramzy & The Brothers Handsome at Twins Jazz" in the coming weeks.