B.T.S. – “This Could Be The Night”
Musician-producer Zo! created a music video for his single "This Could Be The Night."

B.T.S. – “This Could Be The Night”

This past June, soulful musician Zo! teamed up with director Matt Koza and artists Eric Roberson, Darien Brockington, and Rapper Big Pooh for a music video shoot for the lead single on his latest LP, SunStorm.

Multi-Instrumentalist/Producer Zo! is Detroit-area born and raised Lorenzo Ferguson. Music was always present in and around the Ferguson house, which led to Zo! taking piano lessons at age 6… which he absolutely despised. The idea of working toward a Major League Baseball career served as the greatest inspiration through his teenage years much more so than the concept of practicing music. After his parents consistently pushed and encouraged him to stick with music, Zo! discovered a newfound passion by teaching himself how to play piano by ear by age 11. Zo! got his production start in 1992 when his parents brought home a Proteus MPS keyboard and a Brother PDC100 sequencer for him to figure out. Since then, he has emphasized the use of live instrumentation as the blueprint for his music while constantly looking to expand his sound with each album release.

Bio via theforeignexchangemusic.com

Production took place in one of Philadelphia's most exclusive night club spots. Some of the Philly music scene's most recognizable faces made cameos. DeanMark photographer Stephen Stewart was behind-the-scenes with the cast and crew, documenting every step of the process.

"Zo! is one of the most under-appreciated smooth R&B/Soul producers. His composition and instrumentation is second to none. I only had one prime lens in my bag, which limited some of my coverage. However, I got to do one of my favorite things: turn off the flash and crank up the ISO. Kudos to Zo!, Eric, Darien, Pooh, Director Matt Koza, Executive Producer Aimee Flint, and the rest of the cast and crew."

Please check out the final product.